Watch Video Liha Livelesh – New Delhi, November 8, 2023 – In an era where social media plays a central role in disseminating information and uniting society, a controversial event has sparked a deep debate about the limits of free speech.

The controversy involving Liha Livelesh, an Indian social media celebrity, has rocked the public scene, raising questions about the ethics of communicating online.

This video sparked sharp reactions from various quarters, dividing Indian society, here is the complete news as follows.

Watch Video Liha Livelesh

The video of Liha Livelesh is an Indian social media celebrity, has become a hot topic of discussion across the country after a controversial incident that occurred today New Delhi, November 6, 2023.

Watch Video Liha Livelesh

A viral video from her social media account caused a wave of protests and debates across social media platforms India.

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In this video which has become controversial, Liha Livelesh seems to share her views on sensitive issues related to religion. The video quickly spread across various social media platforms and attracted the attention of many people, both those who agreed and opposed his views.

Reactions to the video varied widely, with most netizens condemning it as inappropriate and a threat to social stability. A number of community groups and individuals from various religious backgrounds have also condemned him, stating that the comments insult religious beliefs.

On the other hand, there are also those who defend Liha Livelesh and claim that she has the right to express her opinion. They say that freedom of speech is the human right of every individual, and no one should be prevented from speaking about sensitive issues.

The Indian government has also issued an official statement regarding this controversy. India’s Home Minister, Rajesh Singh, stated, “We fully understand that freedom of speech is a right guaranteed by the Indian constitution. However, we must also ensure that any statements do not harm social harmony and provoke division.”

Liha Livelesh himself has not provided an official statement regarding his controversial video. A number of social media users have apologized for the content, while others remain supportive of it.

The Liha Livelesh controversy shows the importance of striking a balance between freedom of speech and maintaining social harmony in Indian society. Further discussion about the limits of free speech on social media will likely continue as this case draws the attention of many across the country.

Liha Livelesh, the Indian social media celebrity who recently came into the limelight after uploading a controversial video on November 6, has given an official public apology. The apology comes after a wave of protests and debates involving netizens and interested parties across the country.

In her apology video, Liha Livelesh admitted that her comments in the previous video had offended many people and did not reflect her true attitude. He stated that he did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and that he had been wrong in expressing his views.

Liha Livelesh also emphasized that she has great respect for cultural and religious diversity in India and that she will try to be wiser in her use of social media platforms. He promised to support peace and harmony in Indian society.

Reactions to Liha Livelesh’s apology varied widely. Most netizens appreciated his move to admit his mistake and apologize, while others remained skeptical. Some still feel that his controversial actions have caused significant damage to interfaith relations in India.

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Meanwhile, the authorities have also issued a statement regarding this apology. India’s Home Minister, Rajesh Singh, said, “We appreciate Liha Livelesh’s step to apologize and clarify her stance. It is important for all of us to promote tolerance and harmony in our society.”


This controversy has reminded many people about the importance of being responsible in using social media and speaking out about sensitive issues. Discussions about freedom of speech, responsibility and its limits will likely continue across India as this case raises many unanswered questions.

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